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Welcome to Ad Hoc Video Services.

Certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers, we follow Guild standards when recording video and photo images. Per those standards, we record video based on the Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Many attorneys have used or are familiar with video-recorded depositions. However, legal videography offers more to help attorneys serve their clients.

Construction video and still photos can be particularly helpful: each documents site conditions, materials used, and construction activity at any point during a project. Images can serve as a record to protect the interests of an owner or a contractor, or to help determine certain aspects of contractual requirements.

We record images (both video and photos) on digital media, then provide those images on either DVD, miniDV tape, VHS tape, printed photos, and/or CD.

Additional uses of video and photos that can strengthen a case, protect the parties involved, or otherwise serve a client, include recording something:
- as confidential as a will,
- as persuasive as a pre-settlement brochure,
- as factual as a construction inspection, or
- as revealing as the pain and suffering an injury or medical condition has brought to a client's activities of daily living.

Ad Hoc Video Services performs each of those functions.

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