Ad Hoc Video Services, LLC.

Focusing on your specific purpose.

Ad Hoc Video Services concentrates on serving clients in the legal arena. We record both digital video and/or high-resolution still photos of nearly any low-rise construction site.

Due to either progress of the work, weather conditions, or theft and vandalism, a construction site seldom remains static. Video footage and still photos taken periodically capture, record, and document the changes on a site from week-to-week or even day-to-day.

Images we record can serve as documentation of progress and site conditions, as well as help defend against improper claims. However, we go beyond providing mere images. (To pause the slide show, simply place the mouse-pointer on a photo).

For video footage, we narrate as we walk and tape the site, describing our location, direction, and the subject matter. Footage can be provided on either DVD, miniDV tape, or VHS tape. We can even author a DVD, including chapter points by content, direction, or other criteria, for easy reference. Because video footage could become an integral part of subsequent legal considerations, no editing changes are made to the original footage.

For still photos, we replace narration with Photo Sequence Maps, indicating the location from where each photo was taken, as well as the direction the camera was pointing. In addition, we can provide a spreadsheet report relating each camera position and direction to the content of each photo. Photo Sequence Maps can be drawn using either approximations or measured distances and are provided as .PDF files on CD. (Note that still photos are taken in high-resolution, providing the ability to zoom-in on specific areas of photos using almost any desktop computer). Prints of each photo, or only selected photos, are also available.

A visual record of changes, taken by an independent and disinterested third party, offers added protection to everyone involved in, or affected by, a construction project. (Such records are particularly valuable after a project has been completed, when questions of its' impact, or of contractual obligations, often arise).

Whether your needs are pre-, mid-, or post-construction, or in advance of a property acquisition, lease, or rental, consider Ad Hoc Video Services for detailed images of your project or property.

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