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We have been recording and uploading barrel racing runs at no charge to the riders for more than 5 years. Unfortunately, due to the costs of storage, maintenance, and bandwidth, we can no longer do so without implementing a reasonable, nominal charge. Therefore, we must institute the following new policy:

1) Riders who choose to view one or more runs at a show at the normal charge of $ 3.00 per run automatically qualify to have those run(s) uploaded for viewing over the internet.

2) Riders who order and pay for a DVD of one (1) or more runs automatically qualify to have those runs uploaded for viewing at no additional charge, as well as the preview footage for each run on the DVD.

3) After the weekend of a show, riders can request to have their run(s) uploaded at a one-time charge of $ 3.00 per run, payable via PayPal. To do so, make payment via PayPal and contact us via E-mail with the date, class, and run number you want.

Once uploaded, video of a run will remain available for viewing via the internet with no additional charge to the rider for as long as it remains economically feasible for us to do so.

Footage of the runs will be in Hi-Def and can be located by using this link to (This is also where the 2014 runs can be viewed).

This policy takes effect with the start of the April, 2014 Keystone Barrel Classic and applies prospectively to all barrel racing shows we record from then on.

We can also arrange for video to be downloaded directly from vimeo in Hi-Def. The charge for that is $ 10 per video clip. Note that all video made available for downloading will:
- be in .mp4 format, which is playable in most popular web browsers,
- be Normal View at Normal Speed only,
- contain a "lower third" text overlay with the rider's name and the horse's name, and
- be watermarked with our animated logo.

We can also accommodate customized text overlays. For example,
John Doe
Riding 'Secretariat'
Keystone Barrel Classic
April 12, 2014
Mountain Springs Arena
Shartlesville, PA
Open Class - Run # 20
1D Winner - Time: 14.500
Customized text overlays are available at a charge of $ 3 per panel.
Footage from prior shows can be viewed from links below. (Please note that time, cost, and space constraints may limit the number of runs posted, the size, and the quality of the video, or the length of time they'll be available via the web. We archive all our footage, so DVDs are available from any show we've recorded).


Sincere thanks for everyone's patience.
As new footage is posted, we generally post a notice at this BarrelHorseWorld forum after the footage is available for viewing.

Please note that there will be a different price structure beginning in 2014. Thanks so much for your patience, your understanding, and your loyal patronage.

Preserve Your Old Footage
If you have old video on VHS tape that you want transferred to DVD, contact us; we just may be able to help.

Keystone Classic 2013 - combined Run Lists (All Runs for all classes have been uploaded).

Click here for weekend #6 runlist, September 7 & 8, then click your name for the video.
Click here for weekend #5 runlist, August 10 & 11, then click your name for the video.
Click here for weekend #4 runlist, July 6 & 7, then click your name for the video.
Click here for weekend #3 runlist, June 8 & 9, then click your name for the video.
Click here for weekend #2 runlist, May 11 & 12, then click your name for the video.

Click Here to link to the still photos for all Keystone Classic shows at Prints of Pride Photography

The shows of 2010 that have been posted thus far are:

Plainfield Riding Club in Wind Gap, PA on July 17, 2010. (This is the first public footage we've posted using our newest camera).

The shows from 2009 that we have posted are:

2009 Sussex County Horse Show in Augusta, NJ on August 1, 2009.
2009 PA NBHA State Show at Mountain Springs Arena, Shartlesville, PA August 28-30, 2009.
IBRA July 11, 2009 show at Legacy Ranch in Howell, NJ.(All classes available).
NBHA/PA03 Super Show at Mountain Springs Arena in Shartlesville, PA on June 20th, 2009.(All classes available!
NBHA/PA03 at Plainfield Riding Club in Wind Gap, PA on May 23, 2009.(Available now)
GSBR/NBHA at Handy Acres Farm in Jackson, NJ on May 9, 2009(Available now)
NBHA/PA03 at Buxmont Riding Club in Tylersport, PA on May 2, 2009.(Available now)
GSBR/NBHA at D & D Stables in Buena, NJ on April 18, 2009.(Available now)

(Scroll down for links to 2008 video).

If you have suggestions that would make the DVDs more enjoyable - or more helpful - please let us know.

A quick reminder when ordering DVDs: After I confirm a DVD request, I edit your footage, add the text panels and menu(s), then place it on a web page for your review. While the small-sized footage will remain available via the web for some length of time, the DVD previews are much larger and use considerably more space on our server. Consequently, they may be removed within a few days. Payment can be made either via PayPal, or mailing a check for the amount of the order.

NOTE: Footage of many older events has not yet been removed, and there is still footage available that was never posted from other events, such as the Shootout of June 21, 2008 at Shartlesville.

We sincerely thank all the kind and generous members of the National Barrel Horse Association/NBHA , the International Barrel Racing Association/IBRA, and Garden State Barrel Racing/GSBR.

The shows from 2008 that we have posted are:

GSBR/NBHA 2008 NJ State Show at Hopkins Horse Farm in Wrightstown, NJ on Oct. 4, 2008.
NBHA 2008 PA State Show at Mountain Springs Arena in Shartlesville, PA on Sept. 5, 6, and 7, 2008.
Reading State Fair at Berks County Ag Center in Leesport, PA on August 8, 2008
Sussex County Horse Show in Augusta, NJ on August 1 & 2, 2008.
Plainfield Riding Club in Wind Gap, PA on July 12, 2008.
Buxmont Riding Club in Tylersport, PA on July 5, 2008.
Mountain Springs Arena in Shartlesville, PA on June 21, 2008.
Plainfield Riding Club in Wind Gap, PA on May 24, 2008.
Mountain Springs Arena in Shartlesville, PA on May 17, 2008.

We're quickly using up our server space and bandwidth. While we've been able to prevent a price increase, or charging some sort of fee for uploading to the web, we expect we'll have to implement some sort of fee in order to keep the web site working. Once we've found a viable solution, we'll post the details here.

  • Video of runs from 2013 and earlier will be available for free viewing in the smaller, 320x240 or comparable screen size only, but may be in either 4:3 (standard TV) or 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.
  • Regretfully, we must make some modest adjustments to our pricing structure for 2011. We're reviewing the possiilities to minimize any increases and will announce the changes early in the new year.
  • Video of one or more runs can be posted on our web site in a format as large as 480x360 pixels and at full frame rate, i.e. 30 frames per second. (This would be most useful only if you have a high-speed internet connection). The video would:
    • remain on our site for 13 months,
    • be available for anyone to see, and
    • include a text overlay with the venue, date, your name, category, and run number (if available).
    • The charge for that would be $ 12.00 US for the first run, (less than a dollar a month, and less expensive than a DVD), and $ 4.00 US for each additional run, .
  • We considered making video available on Youtube, however we learned that, due to the number of runs we typically record and the time required for conversion and uploading, Youtube proved impractical. We don't foresee using Youtube in the near future.
  • We're also experimenting with making DVDs available soon after a run, perhaps the next day or maybe even the same day, but that process still has some kinks to be ironed out. Updates on progress in that effort will be available on a show-by-show basis.
  • Footage of new shows may appear in either the 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio, or in the (standard) 4:3 ratio. That's all a matter of which camera best suits the venue or lighting conditions.
  • We have also received requests for video brochures and marketing tools of horses for sale. We can make those available via the web or on DVD. Please contact us via E-mail for details.

This footage has been prepared for display via the web and movement may appear slightly jerky. Actual footage on a DVD will play much more smoothly. Runs can be ordered on either DVD, VHS tape, or miniDV tape.
Contact us at the E-mail address below if you want a copy of one or multiple runs, even if from different shows listed here.

If you need your event or competition recorded, or have suggestions that would make the footage more helpful to you, contact us at:

Ad Hoc Video Services...Focusing on your specific purpose.